March 18, 2009

Do You Like Cowboy Leg?

There is this fellow named Jon Rahoi who travels around the world for business and pleasure. One of his hobbies is collecting evidence of Manglish, or mangled English. For example, a special garbage bin in the ladies room with the English sign "Special Reclamation Orifice for Pernicious Garbage".

I think Jon really doesn't have to go overseas to get this stuff; a quick trip to Walmart would probably give him enough material to last a long time.

The following example is totally hilarious. Try to force yourself through the whole thing. It's really quite hysterical. This is from a restaurant in Mainland China, apparently a very good restaurant, but they can't seem to find a good English translator:

As my wife says, these are literal translations. Very literal. For example, cowboy meat simply means veal. You know-- a boy cow, as opposed to a man cow. And if you want to know how the word f*ck fits into all this, there is a Chinese character that means "dried" that has the same pronunciation as the character for the Chinese version of f*ck. They just picked the wrong word. What kind of dictionary were they using, anyway?

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